Wednesday, February 4, 2009


1. I have been pulled over 3 times, but I've never been given a ticket. I am like a hot blond.
2. I was born with eleven fingers...
3. ...Later, when my permanent teeth grew in, I had an extra one. Super means extra in Latin, so I mean yeah. I am superman.
4. In Jr. High and High School, my friend Jeff and I would routinely have 3-word phone conversations. Those three words were most often: "Hey." Skate?" "Yeah."
5. I have 16 cousins.
6. My first time in a classroom for a actual class was in Clark Hall for Vander Laan's Intro to Philosohpy.
7. I have been to more foreign countries than states in the US.
8. Digging holes was one of my favorite childhood pastimes.
9. The first time I met my wife she was cleaning melted ice-cream out of a refrigerator.
10. I always swore I would never teach high school. I am currently enrolled in a Master's of Teaching teach high school.
11. I used to be the drummer for a Christian Rock band. Our best gig ever was getting asked to play at a youth event at a park in Upland. We arrived at the park to find a congregation of African-American Southern Baptists. No youth were present. We played to a crowd of two elderly women sitting in front of us on metal folding chairs.
12. One summer I worked as a stable hand at a horse ranch.
13. My Great-Grandmother gave me and my dad a signed Nolan Ryan Baseball. When she gave it to us she said, "I got you a signed Ryan Nolan baseball, but I think they messed up his name."
14. In Kenya I was asked to preach a sermon on half-hour's notice.
15. The only languages I have studied have been dead.
16. I have always known lots of random facts. When I was young and one of these facts was questioned (i.e How do you know that), my answer was often: "I read it in my science book." To this day, "I read it in my science book" is a running refrain within my family when they are trying to disbelieve what I am saying. I've got news for you people...I am right...go check a science book.
17. To the question, "If you could meet any person, living or dead, who would it be?" My answer is always the same--Vin Scully.
18. I love rain. I hate wind.
19. I am proud when people are surprised to learn I was home-schooled K-12.
20. My brother and I once played in an African soccer tournament. Our nick-name was White Lightning.
21. I like obscure things: bands, restaurants, books, people.
22. My first car was named "Rustang." The driver's-side door did not lock, and you didn't need a key to start the engine. The Rustang was stolen. The thieves hot-wired it.
23. I have undergone a dental procedure rare enough to warrant the Loma Linda Dental School filming the event to show in their classes. The procedure was a wisdom-tooth-extraction-reimplant (That is not the official name). Basically they cut into my gum, took out my wisdom tooth, and then implanted the tooth back into a different place in my mouth.
24. When I was little I my mother made me Superman and Batman costumes that I would wear all the time. To this day, if I see a little kid running around in the supermarket wearing a superhero costume, I think to myself: "That is a cool little kid."
25. I like the word "peculiar."